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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's day in Kansas City

Luci Winkley’s indoctrination started early. Hardly aware of what was happening to her, she was just 7 when her family moved to several acres outside of Liberty and her mother started planting things.

Soon, mint was the signature smell outside the house. Flowers popped up everywhere — out of the ground but also from old buckets and vintage furniture posing as planters. Summer mornings were an invitation to run out back to pick a half-dozen strawberries to plop into a bowl of cereal.

I’ve helped out when I can,” Urdang says, “especially on Earth Day. One of the most fun times was a project with classmates to plant a variety of burgundy and canary yellow flowers (the school colors) in the shape of a big.

Urdang is thrilled about her summer job, and she has no trouble seeing the nexus with her degree.

“We’re losing touch with the earth and how healing it is for us,” she says. “I think we’re supposed to garden, to put things back into the earth. I feel very blessed to have a mom who says, ‘Let’s go plant flowers. Let’s make this beautiful Mother's day.

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