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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's day celebration in Washington D.C.

First Lady Hosts Military Mother's Day Event
Mrs. Obama praised the women for the sacrifices they make as they support their families while their loved ones are deployed. She said the tea was just one small way to say thank you.

The first lady also mentioned the events of this past week, saying that as Americans stood in awe at the bravery of the soldiers who carried out the mission in Pakistan, it was a "moment for all of us to remember that everyone who serves is able to do so because of the love and support of their families.

Flower growers in California employ tens of thousands of Californians and contribute millions of dollars to the economy. But to remain competitive against foreign growers, we need the full support of our local communities. Please do your part by buying local flowers this Mother's Day."

California growers are also doing their part to remain competitive through innovation, according to the statement.

This year, you can get a waving queen (That's Queen Elizabeth) statue for $19.99, said Gillam. Stores hours are from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Friday and Saturday.

One local mother (who chose not to be identified) said the best gift would be to have the rolled-up carpet removed from the basement where it's been sitting for several weeks or fixing the electronic fence that got derailed by a weed wacker. Moms appreciate any help they can get in the cleaning department, she said.

Mother's Day is probably the biggest holiday for a weekend. Everyone has a mother supposedly. So, it is a very special day," Schirm said.

Strong Mother’s Day sales could spell good news for the U.S. economy. The Federation says retail sales account for two-thirds of U.S. GDP, and retailers employ more than 20 million people. Economists say getting retailers back on track is critical to the economic recovery.

One more thing retailers hope they can thank their mothers for this year.

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