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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's day celebration in Nashville, Tennesse

Nashville, TN – The Tennessee Department of Health is asking pregnant women who smoke to “Clear the Air for Mother’s Day” this May. This campaign is designed to encourage pregnant smokers to quit for this observance, in the hope they may quit for good. In Tennessee, nearly one fifth of women who give birth say they used tobacco during their pregnancy.

It was media day at Hungry Mother State Park, where news people and community members joined to learn about plans for the big day, June 18. That’s when the park will mark its opening 75 years ago, a day that also saw dedication of the first six parks in the Commonwealth’s new network of public recreation facilities a keynote speaker in 1936 said were built to bring some of the world’s pleasures to the working people.
Local and state officials have worked in concert to develop the day’s program:
8 a.m. – Noon Marion Farmer’s Market

MCA/NASHVILLE artist ASHTON SHEPHERD is sharing an acoustic performance of the song “I’m Just a Woman” for use on websites, FACEBOOOK and other social media outlets in honor of MOTHER’S DAY. “I’m Just A Woman” will be a part of ASHTON’s upcoming album “Where Country Grows.”
“I wrote that one by myself,” SHEPHERD said. “I opened my diary, and I got to an entry where I was writing about feeling kind of bad, empty and sad. Right after that, I’d written, ‘Well, I guess I’m just being a woman.’ When I read that, I underlined it.

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