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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

French kiss

A french kiss, pull, "score" ,"meet" or snog is a kiss, usually romantic or sexual in nature, in which one participant's tongue touches the other's tongue and usually enters his or her mouth.
Tongue kissing stimulates the lips, tongue, mouth and other sexually aroused areas, which are all areas very sensitive to touch, and the practice is considered to be pleasurable, highly intimate, and sexually arousing. Unlike other forms of kissing (such as brief kisses in greeting or friendship), episodes of tongue kissing may often be prolonged, intense and passionate.
Studying animal behavior, Thierry Lodé,an evolutionary biologist, argues that the tongue kiss has a real function: to explore the sexual partner's immune system via the saliva.
The exchange of saliva in a tongue kiss may increase the chances of catching an orally transmitted disease, for instance human papillomavirus may be transmitted.
In many parts of the world, 'Tongue kissing', as a public display of affection is discouraged, and may even be regarded as taboo. The 1994 Chinese film Impetuous Fire caused controversy amongst some Chinese viewers for a kiss between Chinese-American actor Tim Chang and actress Sandy Wu.

Etymology of 'French kiss'

The colloquial term, "French kissing", does not necessarily stem from France. In France, it is referred to as 'baiser amoureux' (love kiss) or 'baiser avec la langue' (kiss with the tongue), even if in past times it was also known as baiser florentin(florentine kiss). In French slang, a "french kiss" is called a "patin" (ice skating shoe) or a "galoche". Doing a French kiss is referred to "rouler un patin" (roll a skate (as in ice skating shoe)) or "rouler une pelle" (roll a shovel). The term 'French Kiss' is cited in Private Lindner’s Letters: Censored and Uncensored of 1918:
So I have decided to become a linguist. Being able to read French fluently and speak it wretchedly, and to speak German connectively but not to read it at all, I am taking up Luxembourg, which is a wonderful blend of the two, a sort of liaison between tongues. (Not to be confused with French kissing.)

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