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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

France national football team, Équipe de France de football

The France football team is the team of football national France . Founded in 1904, it consists of a selection of the best French players under the aegis of the French Football Federation (FFF). Players of the France team are called Blue.
The winners of the France team is blank until the 1980s. Victorious home of European Nations Championship in 1984, she won the Olympic title in Los Angeles the same year , and the Intercontinental Cup of Nations in 1985. The top team arrives at the end of XX th century. Host of the 1998 World Cup , France won the competition at home, beating Brazil in the final (3-0) July 12, 1998. The French players realize the double by winning the Euro 2000 . The last two titles of the team are two Confederations Cups in 2001and 2003. France is the first selection to have won all international competitions ( World Cup , Olympics , Confederations Cup ) and the continental tournament. She is currently vice-champion of the world.
Since 1904, the team of France has been marked by several generations of talented players. It is among the most famous Raymond Kopa in the 1950s and 1960s, the current president of UEFA Michel Platini in the 1980s or even Zinedine Zidane between 1994 and 2006. The rooster is the symbol of the team and the colors blue, white and red are those of the country. The team jersey of France boasts a star above the cock from the World Cup victory in 1998. The France team is qualified for the 2010 World Cup, his current coach Raymond Domenech.

The Blues from 1904 to now

Main article: History of France national football team.
Genesis [change]
Main article: France national football 1904 , football match Italy - France (1912) and football match France - England (1921).

Team France 1900 Olympics USFSA.
By the end of xix th century , meetings involving French selections are organized, including under the aegis of the Union of French Athletic Sports societies (USFSA). In 1895a "selection of Paris" , composed mainly of British players residing in Paris, faces including a selection of English clubs.
The dispute between the French selection USFSA 1900and 1904international five games against Belgium, beaten 6-2, and England fans , who dominated the French four times. During the football tournament of the Summer Olympics of 1900 , the selection USFSA, consisting of players from French club , won the silver medal. These games however are not reflected in official statistics.

The France-Switzerland match in 1905 at the Parc des Princes, is the second game in the history of the France team.
The creation of the France national football team is linked to the founding of the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) 1904. The France football team starts its official history the 1first in May 1904in Brussels , by the draw against Belgium 3-3 2,3. The first is called French striker Louis Mesnier . France is playing this year a second non-official match against the Union St.-Gillis on 27 May 1904. In 1905, France played their first game at home against the Swiss on this occasion and won the first victory of its history3.
The following years were inglorious. The England is the team to inflict the heaviest defeat France in its history at home on the score of 15-04.
Excluded from the FIFA 7 in June 1908but a founding member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the USFSA is still making the selections of the summer Olympics 1908. Despite this weak position, it delegates two teams of France A and B to represent France in London. The rules allow, so this double selection, but France is the only one to use this strange possibility. In addition, many packages are registered in the ranks of players the USFSA, and many of the 44 players selected French arrive the morning of the match on the rise in competition after a long journey by train and boat. This is a real farce: the French team suffered two stinging setback against the Denmark to three day intervals (0-9 and 1-17) in the Olympic Games in London . These two Olympic matches are retroactively counted as official matches for the France team A (match 11 and 12)5,6.
From the match against Belgium from May 9 1908, the French Committee Interfederal (IFC), which makes the selections as the only federation recognized by FIFA.
In 1912the IFC can not agree with the USFSA to present a team of France at the Stockholm Olympics . An agreement is sought until the last moment, to no avail. As of June, France was forced to forfeit. Despite these conflicts between the different federations that coexist within the hexagon, precluding the selection of the eleven best players in the country, some fine individual performances to be notified and the victory over the Italy in Turin in 1912, thanks to a tripling of Eugene Maes (3-4)7.
The First World War interrupted the activities of the France team and causes the death of 17 of its international8.
The creation of the French football federation (FFF) to 1919allow the team to France to organize. The USFSA eventually joined by the FFF 1921, which allows the Blues to become the France team, not just a selection of players from a particular federation. The first victory against the English (2-1) on May 5 19219marks the beginning of a real team of France now selecting the best players in the country.
In 1923, the team of France has, however, a bad year with six defeats in six games, including a severe defeat (8-1) to Amsterdam to face the Netherlands . To stop the bleeding for the Summer Olympics of 1924 that France holds the British coach Charles Griffiths is engaged 10. Despite a promising start with a win over Belgium on 13 January 1924, France then tilts against Switzerland in March. Griffiths was strongly criticized for selecting players playing in the province 11. This year, however, the final of Coupe de France is won for the first time by a club in the province: the Marseille face another provincial club, the FC This . To prepare for the Olympic tournament, France was able to England and English club West Ham . After a defeat by eleven English victory over the hammers restores from the French12.
Following the draw for the Olympic football tournament , France was exempt from the preliminary round and the competition starts directly in the knockout stages 13. The 27 May 1924, the El Tri beat Latvia widely (7-0) and qualify for the quarterfinals 14. They will face Uruguay, one of the tournament favorites. The French bow to a five goal and are eliminated14.
1930 [change]
Main article: France national football World Cup 1930 , France Football Team at the 1934 World Cup and France national football World Cup 1938.
In July 1930, France took part in the first World Cup . In the pool stages, Lucien Laurent scored the first goal in the history of the World Cup meet in Mexico beat the Blues 4-1 15. But two losses (0-1) face the Argentina (finalist for 1928 Olympics ) and Chile prevented him from passing the first round.
In 1931, the German bow (1-0) against the Blues, before England from sinking with all hands on May 14 during a meeting that the players of the France team, supercharged, won 5 - 2. In June 1932, the team toured France in the Balkans . She confronts Yugoslavia on June 5 (lost 2-1), Bulgaria on June 9 (with a 5-3 victory quadrupled Jean Sécember ) and finally Romania on June 12 (lost 6-3). Team France wins also in the Netherlands (4-5) by 1934a team of only three players playing in Division 1 ( Mattler , Lietaer and Alcazar ) and eight other players who play at Division 2 North.

Giuseppe Meazza and Stephen Mattler (right) in the quarter-final France-Italy at the 1938 World Cup
But players of Division 2 Thépot , Mayor , Aston , Nicolas , Rio , Verriest and Keller are selected for the World Cup football 1934 in Italy . During this World Cup, France is opposed to the first round at the Austrian , who is a favorite 16. The 27 May 1934, France bows only three goals to two after extra 17. Upon their return to Paris, 30 in May 1934, the French players are greeted as heroes by a crowd of 4000 people came to pay tribute18,19.
In 1938, France organized for the first time the World Cup . The Bleus Mattler easily beat Belgium 3-1 with a pair of Jean Nicolas 20. In the quarterfinals, 58,455 spectators, a record, just to encourage Colombes France who meet in Italy 21, but the Blues must bow three to one before the eventual winners of the race.
On the eve of World War II , the team of France knows a good run. Of the 13 games played from 1938-1939, she won eight times for two draws and three defeats against Italy and England twice. The Blues will discover a young talented goalkeeper, Julien Darui an attacker dribbler and passer exceptional, Larbi Ben Barek . On January 28 1940, France beats Portugal 3-2 to the 46 th game captain Stephen Mattler becomes the record for selections, the last game of the selection before the defeat against Germany and military occupation.
Golden generation (1950s) [edit]
Main article: France national football World Cup 1954 , France national football World Cup 1958 , Brazil football match - France (1958) and France national football championship of Europe 1960.
Organized around the survivors of the prewar, including Darui and Ben Barek, the France team includes very quickly a new talented generation, churn , Walk , Shorts , Prouff . This team gets a prestigious win 0-4 in Czechoslovakia in 1948, but misses little qualification to the 1950 Brazilian World , eliminated by Yugoslavia after a replay played in Florence (lost 3-2 aet) .
The Blues signed, however, some brilliant results as a 2-2 draw in 1951against England at Highbury . It would take very little of the France team Vignal , Jonquet , churn and Flamion be the first team from the mainland to fight the English on their land, a performance that Hungarians do two years later.
The golden generation of Fountain , Kopa , Piantoni , Vincent , Penverne , Wisnieski , Jonquet and Cisowski is a direct result of this team 1951. The France became one of the very best teams national, even if it misses the World Cup195422,23.
At the 1958 World Cup played in Sweden , the team of France achieved a brilliant track record in reaching third place in the tournament. Just Fontaine scored 13 goals in 23 of the French team, in which nobody believes 24. Following victories against Paraguay 7-3, 2-3 against Yugoslavia and 2-1 against Scotland, France was the first of his group 25. In the quarter-finals, the Blues are one mouthful of Northern Ireland (4-0) 25. In the semifinals, played June 24 in Stockholm, France faces the Brazil 's young Pele . Then she stands up to the Brazilian team of France lost its captain and central defender Jonquet wounded. The French before succumbing 2-5 25. They finished on the podium with a 6-3 success on the last Federal Republic of Germany , marked notably by a quadrupling of Fontaine. The best attack France ended the competition26.
After the World Cup, France is taking part in October 1958 to the knockout stages of the new " European Cup of Nations . " It eliminates Greece then defeated Austria in the quarterfinals. France was chosen to host the final phase which includes the last four teams still in contention. France has several private owners World Cup 1958: Kopa, Piantoni, Fountain, Replace and Raymond Kaelbel 27. The 6 July 1960, France faces the Yugoslavia in the Parc des Princes balding (26,370 spectators) 28. While she has four goals to two to fifteen minutes from the end 28, it turns five goals to four. The 9 July 1960, France vies with Marseille the little final against Czechoslovakia . In an empty Velodrome stadium (9438 spectators) 29, France bows two goals to nil.
After the Euro, France beat Finland in the qualifiers 1962 World Cup and then conceded a draw in Poland before losing heavily to Switzerland (6-2). Following this defeat, two of the three members of the selection committee, Thépot Alex and Jean Gautheroux , resign, leaving Georges Verriest single decision maker30.
Disillusionment (1960) [edit]
Article: France national football World Cup 1966.
France has experienced many disappointments during the 1960s . She fails to qualify for the World Cup Soccer 1962 . Placed in the Group 2 playoffs , she finished on equal points with Bulgaria in the first place. A playoff was played in Milan in Italy. France is bowed 1-0 on a goal against his camp Andre Lerond31.
After eliminating successively the England then Bulgaria , the France team failed to stage the quarterfinals of Euro 1964 , beaten by Hungary.
Qualified for World Cup 1966 , France fell into a tough group and fails to pass the first round. After a draw against Mexico , the French bow facing the Uruguay and England, the future world champion.
The Euro 1968 is also disappointing: France, yet his victorious group comprising Belgium , the Poland and Luxembourg , was arrested in the quarterfinals by Yugoslavia with a 5-1 defeat in Belgrade32.
The France hit bottom when she was defeated 1-0 by the home fans in Norway on 6 November 1968qualifier in the 1970 World Cup 33and it sank 5-0 to England on 12 March 1969at Wembley 34. France does not qualify for the World Cups of 1970 and 1974, or the European Championship of 1972 . During the playoffs of the 1976 European championship , the French finished third in their qualifying group, behind Belgium and the GDR.
The "four glorious years' [change]
Main article: France national football World Cup 1978 and UEFA Euro 1980.
Led by Georges Boulogne , France's football rebuilt by implementing a policy based on the training team of France benefits indirectly. Stefan Kovacs continuing this trend by giving them a chance to many young players. The results are not yet really to go, but the mentality, the physical and tactical approach of the French players are changing.
The awakening of the France team rings in 1977the qualification for the World Argentina following a decisive victory 3-1 against Bulgaria, obtained by the younger generation of French football, whose leaders are Platini , Rocheteau , Treasury , Bossis , Bathenay or Six . The France team is performing well during the preparation matches.
In Argentina, the French pay for their lack of experience at the highest level by eliminating the first round. Fallen into a group particularly noted, however, the French do not grant good show in that short with losses to two of the tournament favorites, as are Italy (1-2 despite the opening score by Bernard Lacombe in the first minute of play) and Argentina (1-2 with a disputed penalty whistled against Marius Trésor ). For the honor, the French came easily after Hungary (3-1) with Lopez , Berdoll and Rocheteau , in their last match.
Based on the exceptional generation of Platini, Rocheteau, Bossis, Giresse or Tigana , the Blues signed between four fabulous epics 1982and 1986with a fourth place at the 1982 World Cup , a victory at the Euro 1984 and the Intercontinental Cup of Nations 1985, then a third place at the 1986 World Cup.
Mondial 1982: fourth place unexpected [change]
Main article: Football Match France - Netherlands (1981) , Team France soccer World Cup 1982 and football match France - Germany (1982).
The year 1982 started under the best auspices. In fact, France beat the Italian 2-0 Feb. 23 at Paris . The Blues beat the Italians had lost since 1920. Subsequently, the preparation matches are less convincing: defeat against Peru , draw against Bulgaria and Wales in each home. The French landed at the Spanish World full of doubt.
The competition can not hurt to start with a more resounding defeat to England 1-3 with a goal from Bryan Robson at 27 seconds after the engagement 35. The France raises its head with a 4-1 win against the Kuwait and then snatched his qualification for the second round by making a draw against Czechoslovakia 1-136.
In the second round, the French defeated without great difficulty of Austria and the Northern Ireland and access to the semi-finals. It was during the match against Northern Ireland and Michel Hidalgo combines for the first time four players oriented offense ( Tigana , Genghini , Giresse and Platini ) in midfield. The "magic square" is born37.
Played in Seville , the semi-finals of the French against Germany has returned to the football legend. Quality of game played, intensity, emotion, all contributed to make this game legendary. Both teams will leave the score 1-1 after regulation time after a last shot of Manuel Amoros on the crossbar at the 88 th minute. The French, supercharged by the aggression committed by the German keeper Harald Schumacher on Patrick Battiston 38, register two goals in quick succession at the start of extra time through Marius Treasury and Alain Giresse . Continuing to play offensive football and one dramatic, the French, who added to the score in the space of a few minutes 39. They can not avoid playing qualifying for the final session on the first penalty shootout in the history of the World Cup they lose.
In the absence of key holders, France also lost the match for third place against Poland (2-3)40.
Euro 1984: the first European title [change]
Main article: France national football European Championship in 1984 and football match France - Spain (1984).
Two years later, France deals with the status of the favorite European Championship Euro 1984 they played at home. With a generation reached the summit of his art, and reinforcements from catchy Luis Fernandez in the "magic square", France would meet expectations. After a delicate starts against the Denmark won 1-0 although, France then overwrites the Belgium 5-0 and then gets rid of Yugoslavia 3-2 with two doubles by Michel Platini41.
In the semifinal, France faces the Portuguese in Marseille. Conducted a goal five minutes from the end of extra time, the Blues equalize, before taking the advantage in the closing minutes with a shot of Platini, following a rush heroic Jean Tigana.
In final against Spain , a free kick Platini unhappy surprises Spanish goalkeeper Luis Arconada game unlocks a previously locked 42. With the thrust range late in the game by Bruno Bellone , the France football team wins first major title of his story.
She is finally at the top of the world by beating the Uruguay , winner of the Copa America , 2-0 in Paris in 1985on behalf of the Intercontinental Cup of Nations.
Global 1986: the feat on the podium [edit]
Main article: France national football World Cup 1986 and football match France - Brazil (1986).

France-Italy in the last sixteen.
For the 1986 World Cup , France is again a favorite figure. But undermined by the recurring injuries to their two playmakers Platini and Giresse , the Blues led by Henri Michel struggling to regain the state of grace 1984. France is going out without great difficulty, but without a plume of his first round largely laid against Canada , the USSR and Hungary before facing the Italy in the second round. The France wins 2-0 after a match remarkably controlled through goals from Platini and Stopyra two assists in Rocheteau . The France was victorious in the duel between top world champions and European champions in title.
In the quarterfinals, France found on his road Brazil . For many it is a game between two teams who play more attractive football 43. At that time, the French are also often nicknamed the 'Brazilians of Europe "in tribute to their game dramatically and systematically turned to the offensive. The game keeps all its promises, so much so that Pele calls it a "game of the century. After dominating the Brazilians quickly opened the mark by Careca , before Platini does not bring the two teams tied for resuming Rocheteau center. The dramatic extension in which both teams will each provide opportunities for free does not change the score, and the Blues will qualify at the end of the test shots on goal and the successful attempt Luis Fernandez44.

Semi-final France-Germany.
In the semi-final, France finds West Germany for what is considered the "revenge of Seville "four years earlier. But however, there will be none. As if she had given everything against Brazil, France, failure of imagination, private Rocheteau , wounded, who had distilled four assists in three games earlier and probably less physically by his victory on penalties on Cariocas, stumbles on the precision and realism of the Germans, who needed without much difficulty (2-0), the latter having played against Morocco and Mexico , which opponents are far less known than Italy and Brazil. The French console themselves with the third place gained by the "stylists" at the expense of Belgium in the "small final" (4-2 aet), their best result since the 1958 World Cup.
Delicate transition (1986-1996) [edit]
Main article: France national football championship in Europe in 1992 and football match France - Bulgaria (1993).
The Epic of the Mexican World Cup marks the end of a generation of exception. By the end of the competition frameworks that are Rocheteau , Bossis and Giresse announced their international retirement. A year later, and while the playoffs for Euro 88 are already well off track for the team from France, Platini makes him a definitive end to his career.
The 11 June 1988, attended by President Francois Mitterrand , the FFF Opens Technical Center National Fernand-Sastre also known as the Institute of National Football in Clairefontaine. The center, which costed at 104 million francs 45as the young football players and hosts the France team before international matches.
The transition is too abrupt, and the new generation successively fails to qualify for Euro 88 and World Italian 1990 . The draw against Cyprus selection of 22 October 1988propels Claude Bez , the influential president of Bordeaux , to the position of superintendent in the France team, a position created especially for him. Claude Bez then appoints Michel Platini at the head of selection in November 1988. If the arrival of a new coach as emblematic Michel Platini does not lack in Italian World, yet it raises many hopes.
The perfect copy made by the team of France in the qualifiers of the Euro 92 (8 wins in 8 games) heralds a return to the successes of the 1980s in the absence of a return to the beautiful game indeed saw his margin maneuver limited by the weakness of individuals before it, the coach has built a team Platini oriented very defensive, without any real creative environment, which relies on two major French players of the time ( Eric Cantona and Jean-Pierre Papin ) to make a difference in attack. While the team of France has won all these qualifying matches, the matches to prepare for Euro 1992 are much less convincing.
As a result, perhaps, during Euro 1992 in Sweden, France was unable to confirm his career playoff and inglorious fall in the first round after two draws against the Sweden (1-1) and England (0-0), and a defeat 1-2 against the Danish , the future winner of the tournament.
In the months that followed, the France team, a high quality workforce to increase, seems to find the color (it should still wait until Oct. 14 that France won a match in 1992, 2-0 against Austria in qualifying). But in the playoffs for the 1994 World Cup , the Blues are collapsing in the final straight: while it is enough to qualify for a modest victory over the Israelis or a draw against Bulgaria at their last two games, they conceded in quick succession two bitter defeats at home in fall 1993 (2-3 against Israel , then the 1-2 against Bulgaria , each time with a goal conceded in the last minute). The French are missing a skill that seemed promised.
Apotheosis (1996-2000) [change]
A synonym of reconquest Euro (1996) [edit]
Main article: Football Match Italy - by France (1994) , football match France - Azerbaijan (1995) and France national football championship Euro 1996.
After the debacle of the fall of 1993, the new national coach Aime Jacquet has to rebuild everything. If he can rely on a defensive sector quality, he will grope for nearly two years to find a good movie offensive. The qualifiers for Euro 1996 are laborious and let fears of a further disappointment.
Indeed, the France team multiplies draws 0-0 against his opponents for qualification. In the first five playoff games, it only has seven points (four draws and one victory against Azerbaijan ). But they are back almost deafening taking 13 points on 5 games following. The symbol of the return is the match against Azerbaijan as the Blues beat 10 to 0. This meeting is so far the biggest win of the Blues. They realize the fall of 1995 a dramatic and decisive victory away against the formidable team of Romania by three goals to 146.
Qualifying for Euro 1996 , France is the team reached the semi-final confirming the rugged durability of its defensive unit made up of four defenders and three midfielders, but somewhat disappointed by the lack of inspiration in its sector offensive and its two creators Zinedine Zidane and Youri Djorkaeff yet very expected. Victorious penalty kicks against the Netherlands in the quarter-finals, the Blues fell in the semifinals against the Czech Republic following a new round of penalty kicks47.
From summer 1996, thanks to the Bosman ruling , most players leave to play for France abroad, where they gain valuable international stature and experience level.
World Champions and in Europe (1998-2000) [edit]
Main article: France national football World Cup 1998 , football match France - Italy (1998) , football match France - Brazil (1998) , Blue Eyes in , France national football championship Euro 2000 and Match Football France - Italy (2000).

Didier Deschamps in 2000.
If the series of exhibition games at the World Cup raises some concern among many observers, it will be worth the paper including the team the wrath of Aime Jacquet afterwards the Blues are actually present at the rendezvous.
They come with easy first round: wins against the South Africa (3-0), the Saudi Arabia (4-0) and Denmark (2-1), but private Zidane suspended, stumble into eighths cons the defensive wall of Paraguay and its fantastic goalkeeper Jose Luis Chilavert . Qualification torn in overtime (golden goal by Laurent Blanc ) allows the Blues to rediscover the Italy in the quarterfinals. After 120 minutes of intense but without a goal, both teams are playing qualification for penalty kicks and France needed after a missed penalty kick by Luigi Di Biagio . In the semi-finals, France seems to fall close to the face of surprising Croatians , but two goals from French side Lilian Thuram qualify it for the first final in its history against Brazil.
The Brazilian impressive since the start of the competition by the power and the address of his attackers, but also suggests large defensive deficiencies. Dominators and realistic, the French took the lead in the first period thanks to two headed goals from Zidane. Reduced to ten second period following the expulsion of Desailly , France suffered cons but registered a third goal by liberating Emmanuel Petit in the closing minutes, which is also the 1000 e purpose of the history of Team of France 48. Didier Deschamps is on 12 July 1998the first French player to lift the World Cup.
The French then shackle with the playoff for a place at the Euro 2000 . Despite some disappointing results, the French snatch their qualification.
The friendly matches in preparation for the Euro are rather reassuring. In early June, the El Tri won the Hassan II tournament , beating Japan's first hard shots on goal and then crushing Morocco 5-1.
France will confirm its status as the world's best team during the Euro 2000 . Still as strong defensively, it proposes a more attacking football in 1998 with the outbreak of attackers such as Thierry Henry, , David Trezeguet , Nicolas Anelka , Robert Pires or Sylvain Wiltord . On the bench, Jacquet has given way to his deputy in 1998, Roger Lemerre.

France and Italy before the final of the Euro.
After a first round perfectly controlled (win against Denmark and the Czech Republic , defeated inconsequential replacements meet Netherlands ), France will know three meetings with high suspense every time she goes out victorious. In the quarterfinals, she met the Spanish she beat 2-1, Raúl missing a penalty in stoppage in play in the semi-final, it eliminates the Portuguese by the same score (2-1), with the aim Gold , a penalty converted by Zidane in the 117 th minute.
In the final she faces the Italian team considered its twin because many French players are playing then the Italian Championship. Led 0-1 in stoppage time, France equates to the 93 th minute on a goal from Wiltord and hard extensions, during which Trezeguet, Pires on center, placed a powerful volley on golden goal synonymous with the French victory49.
On this historic success, as are the two former captain Didier Deschamps and libero Laurent Blanc , announced their international retirement.
Chess (2002-2004) [edit]
Main article: France national football World Cup 2002 and France national football championship of Europe 2004.
European Champion and World Champion, France discusses the 2002 World Cup in Asia as a favorite and with confidence, despite a chaotic preparation. Zinedine Zidane is injured during a win against South Korea during a game where the defense is showing signs of weakness.
In the opening match of the competition, the Blues are caught by the Senegal (0-1). Their second match ends in a 0-0 draw while a victory against Uruguay seems necessary. A final defeat by Denmark with a score of 0-2 signs the elimination of France who leaves the competition in the first round without scoring a goal. Following this crushing defeat, coach Roger Lemerre is immediately dismissed in favor of Jacques Santini.
Qualified for the Euro 2004 in Portugal played with eight victories in eight games, and reassured by impressive performances during friendly matches including a 3-0 win in Germany against the Mannschaft in November 2003, the Blues appear to have recovered their pride. During the remainder of the preparation, the attack is not as inspired as before but France conceding any goals.
France began the tournament with a victory snatched from England in stoppage time (2-1) with two goals from Zinedine Zidane free-kick and penalty kick after a penalty from David Beckham is stopped by Fabien Barthez 50. Faced with Croatia , the Blues are yet held in check (2-2) after a disappointing whose symbol is the tying goal from David Trezeguet marred by a lack of labor. A win against Switzerland (3-1), however, allows the French to qualify for the quarterfinals where they encounter the Greece . Pinned against a team regrouped in defense, the French are beaten on the score of 1-0. The Greeks finally won the competition. The level of defense and play hard-working French people are criticized.
Zidane, Thuram , Makelele and Lizarazu announced in the wake they stop their career in the France team. Jacques Santini was thanked and Raymond Domenech is the new national coach. Profound changes are made, both in terms of the team technical surrounding the Blues on the ground.
Back to the top (2006) [edit]
Main article: France national football World Cup 2006 , football match France - Italy (2006) , and Zidane's Headbutt.
After the Euro, the France team, weakened by the retirement of key players, is struggling to find a game effective and coherent. Young players ( Abidal , Govou , Malouda ) still inexperienced at international level include the national team. The 3 August 2005, Zidane announced that he returns to his international retirement, along with Thuram and Makelele. The France team finally qualifies narrowly ahead of Switzerland, Israel and Ireland.
The France team begins its tournament yet poorly, conceding two draws against the Swiss (0-0) and facing the South Korea (1-1). Fortunately, a 2-0 victory against Togo allows the Blues to qualify for the knockout stages. Domenech's players face the Spanish , and qualified after Zidane's ultimate goal in stoppage time (3-1) 51,52. The France faces the Brazilian champion, world champion in the quarterfinals. The Blues, led by an exceptional provision of Zidane , dominate the meeting. The winning goal was scored by Henry on a free kick from Zidane. In the semifinals, the French met with the Portuguese . While the game is fairly dominated by the Portuguese, Henry gets a penalty kick that Zidane is in charge of turning 53, France has qualified for the second final of World Cup history.
On 9 July 2006, the final World Cup opposes Berlin the French players to Italy , who defeated the German in the other semifinal. From the 7 th minute, the French get a penalty that Zidane managed a Panenka. At the 19 th minute, Materazzi equalized head on a corner kick. During extra time, Zidane is excluded from the meeting for hitting Materazzi a whim 54. Both teams must finally decide on penalties. Trezeguet misses his and Grosso offers Italy a new victory in the World Cup.
Zinedine Zidane puts an end to his career, while Domenech is reappointed to national coach for four more years to the 2010 World Cup.
Modern Era (2007 -) [change]
Main article: Team France soccer championship Euro 2008.
The France is entering a period of reconstruction, like the post- World Cup 2002 . The qualifiers for Euro 2008 starts under good auspices for the Blues with two victories against Georgia and against the Italian world champion then. The 17 October 2007, the team of France beat Lithuania thanks to a brace late Henry beats on this occasion the record of goals scored for France of Michel Platini . France is finished in second place in Group B qualifying for Euro 2008 behind the Italian.
The France team attack the competition with a 0-0 draw concern in Romania , then gets beaten by the Netherlands 4-1 which is the heaviest defeat of the official competition in France since 1968. In the decisive third game, the Blues, handicapped by the early expulsion of Abidal causing a penalty kick, bow in the face of Italy (2-0). As in 2002, the Blues were eliminated in the first round. Raymond Domenech, much criticized, is kept in office by the French Football Federation , but was placed "under surveillance"55.
On the eve of the campaign for the 2010 World Cup qualifying , the staff of Raymond Domenech is strengthened by the recruitment of former world champion Alain Boghossian . The Blues inherit the group 7, consisting of Romania , the Serbian , the Lithuania , the Faroe Islands and Austria.
Of France finished second in their group behind Serbia and must play two matches to qualify for dams in the 2010 World Cup. Seeded by his rank in FIFA world rankings , the France team faces the Republic of Ireland and qualified on a goal from William Gallas after a handball by Thierry Henry who created the controversy56,57.
On 4 December 2009, the draw up the Blues in Group A , along with the South Africa (host country), the Mexico and Uruguay.
Results of the national [change]

Past [change]
Winners of the France football team A58
International Competitions Continental Competitions Miscellaneous Trophies
FIFA World Cup (1)
Winner 1998.
Finalist 2006.
Third 1958and1986.
Confederations Cup (2)
Winner 2001and2003.
Intercontinental Cup of Nations (1)
Winner in 1985.
European Football Championship (2)
Winner 1984and2000.
Kirin Cup (1)
Winner 1994.
Hassan II Tournament (2)
Winner 1998and2000.
Nelson Mandela Inauguration Challenge Cup (1)
Winner in 200059.
Challenge-Coppée Evance (1)
Winner in 1904.
Route [change]
Tour of the France national football team in international competitions
World Cup European Nations Championship Confederations Cup
1930 : 1First round
1934: Second round
1938: Quarter-finals
1950 : Knockout stage
1954 : 1First round
1958 : Semi-final, 3 e
1962 : Knockout stage
1966 : 1First round
1970 : Knockout stage
1974 : Knockout stage
1978 : 1First round
1982: Semi-finals, 4 th
1986 : Semifinal, 3 e
1990 : Knockout stage
1994 : Knockout stage
1998 : Winner
2002 : 1First round
2006 : Final
2010 : qualified
1960: Semi-finals, 4 th
1964: Quarter-finals
1968: Quarter-finals
1972 : Knockout stage
1976 : Knockout stage
1980 : Knockout stage
1984 : Winner
1988 : Knockout stage
1992 : 1First round
1996: Semi-final
2000 : Winner
2004: Quarter-finals
2008 : 1First round
2012: Playoffs
1992 : Unskilled
1995 : Unskilled
1997 : Unskilled
1999 : Unregistered
2001 : Winner
2003 : Winner
2005 : Unskilled
2009 : Unskilled
Statistics of the France team [change]
Main article: Records and statistics of the France football team.
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The France is the only country with Denmark to win all the Confederations Cup which it participated ( 2001and 2003), but Denmark has not won one.
In 1913the French international player Eugene Maes ordinarily recorded five goals in a match against Luxembourg 60. This performance is reprinted by Thaddeus Cisowski on November 11 1956against Belgium60.
The best scorer in the history of the France team is Thierry Henry with 51 goals 61. He anticipates Michel Platini of ten units, and David Trezeguet of fourteen.
Infrastructure [change]

Clairefontaine [edit]
Main article: National Technical Centre Fernand-Sastre.

During the preparation phase the France team trains at Clairefontaine , that is to say, the Centre Technique National Fernand-Sastre located Clairefontaine-en-Yvelines . This national training center was inaugurated in 1976by Fernand Sastre, then president of the French Football Federation 62. The area was purchased in Mountjoy 1982and the center opened its doors 198862. The center is the base camp of the Blues during the FIFA World Cup 1998 played in France . The Technical Centre National Fernand-Sastre suffers a big renovation in winter 2007 which is to redo all the places inhabited by the Blues (rooms, dining, etc..). There are currently 302 beds available62.
The center employs 60 people permanently 62. The total area is 56 hectares of which 66,000 sqm of land sod.
Parc des Princes [edit]
Main article: Parc des Princes.
Between 12 February 1905and 11 June 1997, the Parc des Princes has hosted 126 official matches for the France team A. The first version of the Park receives six official matches of the Blues, the second host 46 and the current version 74. On April 28 1920, the match of the team of France against Belgium sets an attendance record with 20,000 spectators in the Parc des Princes63.
In 1984, France won the European Championship at home following a recent 2-0 win over Spain in front of 47,368 spectators.
The team leaves France Parc des Princes for the Stade de France after the latter was built for the 1998 World Cup.
The 12 September 2007, the France football team returns to the Park to compete in a match against Scotland in qualifying match for Euro 2008.
Stade de France [change]
Main article: Stade de France.

Tribune supporters of the France squad at SDF.
Built for the World Cup Soccer 1998 , the Stade de France was inaugurated on January 28 1998at the soccer match between France and Spain, . Zinedine Zidane is the first player in the France team scored the stadium with the winning goal against Spain 64. France won the stage in his first and only World Cup.
The 80,051 spectators attending the match played between France and Ukraine at the time of qualifying for the 2010 World Cup , is the record attendance for a match the team of France at home and second highest peak Stade de France for a game of football after the Cup of France 2009 between Guingamp and Rennes.
Since the Stade de France , a contract binds the Federation and the company operates the stadium. At least five official matches a year the team of France at home must take place within its walls.
Stadiums province [edit]
The France team is playing regular football stadia in the provinces. Top 201022 stadiums outside the capital were welcome at least one game of the Blues 65. The stadium's most visited province is the Velodrome stadium in Marseille with thirteen meetings 65. The Beaujoire stadium in Nantes and the Gerland stadium in Lyon followed with eight games each 65. The Felix-Bollaert stadium in Lens hosts seven games of Blues, one ahead of Toulouse and St Etienne 65. The first international match of the France team, played out in the Paris region, is a game played on January 25 1914at Victor Boucquey stage ( Lille ) against Belgium , which ended in a French victory on the score 4-365.
Play style [change]

Main article: Evolution of team training de France.
At its inception in 1904, the France team evolves 2-3-5. In the 1930s, under the leadership of Kimpton, France adopted the WM. France has changed in the 1980s with a medium to 4, called magic square. Under the direction of Aime Jacquet, France is evolving into 4-3-2-1. His successor, Roger Lemerre opted for a more offensive tactics with a 4-2-3-1. In his debut as coach, Raymond Domenech adopted a 3-5-2 which was quickly abandoned for lack of results. He then tried a 4-4-2 with two attacking midfielders eccentric. In 2005 with the return of Zidane, France returns to 4-2-3-1. At Euro 2008 Domenech opted for a 4-4-2. The coach still uses a system with two defensive midfielders much criticized66.
Historical figures of the France team [change]

Famous players [change]
Main article: List of selected team of France international footballers and leading goalscorers de France.
Before 1950 [change]
In attack, Jean Nicolas is the scorer of the team. It is still among the best scorers in the France team with 21 goals in 25 games 67. He shares the position at the forefront of the attack with Roger Courtois.
Goalkeeper of France from 1939 to 1951, Julien Darui is considered one of the greatest French player in this position 68. It is one of the first to order his defense and makes clearances offensive half-volley 68. He was replaced by René Vignal then Replace Francis 69, who participates in the 1958 World Cup with Claude Abbes70.
Generation of the 1958 World Cup [change]
Rank Player
1 Platini
2 Zidane
3 Raymond Kopa
4 Blanc
5 Just Fontaine
6 Marius Tresor
7 Alain Giresse
8 Jean-Pierre Papin
9 Deschamps
10 Eric Cantona
11 Manuel Amoros
12 Larbi Ben Barek
- Robert Jonquet
14 Desailly
15 Maxime Bossis
16 Roger Piantoni
17 John Churn , Fabien Barthez ,
Julien Darui , Bernard Lama ,
Roger Walk and Joseph Ujlaki
23 Patrick Battiston , David Ginola ,
Thierry Henry , Mattler Etienne
and Jean Tigana
Rankings published in 2000 by
France Football Player
of the Century French71.
In 1958, the France team for the first time reached the semifinal stage of a World Cup and finally finished in third place. The team captain Jonquet can count on an attack of great talent consists of Kopa , Fountain , Piantoni , Vincent and Wisnieski72
Raymond Kopa , the playmaker from Real Madrid , the biggest European club of the moment, makes a great competition with the Blues 73. Best player World Cup, Kopa receives the Golden Ball this year. In 1962, Kopa leaves the France team after 45 caps and 18 goals, following a dispute with coach Georges Verriest73.
The striker Just Fontaine his mark the World Cup. Holder following the injury to Rene Bliard , Fontaine succeeded in the first game against Paraguay, a triple 74, then mark at least one goal in each game until scoring four against Germany 75. He finished top scorer in the competition with thirteen goals, what constitutes the record in this matter. In January 1961 he was seriously injured and must stop his career 74, after 30 goals in 21 caps74.
The attacker left the Stade de Reims Piantoni Roger is also a strong man of this team. Author of a goal in his debut in 1952 in Dublin , he scored nine goals in five of the French in 1956 76. Following an attack in 1959 that broke his knee, he struggles to find its level 76. He scored his last goal for the Blues during his last cap against Finland in 196176.
He also player of Stade de Reims, Jean Vincent occupies the left side of the attack. Known for his speed, he is the author of 22 goals in 46 games with the Blues.
Captain at the 1958 World Cup, Robert Jonquet participates in 58 games for the team of France in a central defender 77. The player Stade de Reims, famous for its authority, is injured during the semi-finals of the competition but remains on the ground 77. Vice-record holder selections at this time, the defender is bowing out after the failure of the European Championship 196077.
Rear left alongside Jonquet in the 1950s, Roger Marche captained the team 41 times 78. With 63 selections, he holds the record in this field for twenty-seven years, before Marius Treasury seizes 78. He scored his only goal for France at its last selection in 1959 against Spain78.
Magic Quadrant [edit]
In 1980, four midfielders Jean Tigana, , Alain Giresse , Michel Platini and Bernard Genghini (subsequently replaced by Luis Fernandez ) form the "magic square" of the France team.
Michel Platini is the best known players of this generation. Specialist candid shots, he is regularly decisive 79. This mark on set-piece from his debut against Czechoslovakia, and a new offer for qualifying for the 1978 World Cup 79. It is fifty times captain of the France team that leads to the heights 79. Best scorer of the team of France until 2007 with 41 goals for France, he formed a duo with Giresse history 79. European Championships 1984, at home, it is at the peak of his career and scored nine goals in the competition 79. Team France won his first trophy. The three-ball Golden scored his last goal for the Blues to the 1986 World Cup in the quarter-final against Brazil79.
Alain Giresse is an unusual player. Small in size, he excels with his technique, his liveliness and his vision of the game 80. Second playmaker Michel Platini after it is recognized second best player in the World Cup 1982 after Paolo Rossi 80. He ended his career after the 1986 World Cup after scoring six times in 47 appearances in the blue shirt80.
Jean Tigana started his career with Les Bleus in 1980 at the age of 25 years 81. Player frail, he gets a lot of balls 81. He played a match in 1982 World Cup before returning to the bench but becomes the holder for Euro 1984. It offers Platini decisive goal of qualifying for the finals in extra time after an acceleration on the right side 81. It also participates in the 1986 World Cup during which he scored his only international goal 81. He returned in 1988 after Platini's appointment as coach of the team but withdrew after his 52 th selection in the course of a match against Yugoslavia lost 3-281.
The last player of the "magic square" is Luis Fernandez . It is called after the 1982 World Cup while playing for Paris Saint-Germain 82. He is also involved in the victory at Euro 1984. At the 1986 World Cup, he scored the tying goal against the USSR and then entered history by entering the decisive penalty in the quarter-final against Brazil82.
Winners of the 1998 World Cup [change]
Player Career Selections
Thuram 1994-2008 142
Henry 1997 - 118
Desailly 1993-2004 116
Zidane 1994-2006 108
Vieira 1997 - 107
Deschamps 1989-2000 103
Blanc 1989-2000 97
Bixente Lizarazu 1992-2004 97
Sylvain Wiltord 1999-2006 92
Fabien Barthez 1994-2006 87
Player Career Goals
Henry 1997 - 51
Platini 1976-1987 41
Trezeguet 1998-2008 34
Zidane 1994-2006 31
Just Fontaine 1953-1960 30
Jean-Pierre Papin 1986-1995 30
Youri Djorkaeff 1993-2002 28
Sylvain Wiltord 1999-2006 26
Jean Vincent 1953-1961 22
Jean Nicolas 1933-1938 21
Last Update: France-Spain after 03/03/2010.
Didier Deschamps began his career in 1989 when he was captain of FC Nantes 83. He participates in chess at Euro 1992 and in qualifying for 1994 World Cup. Backgammon is a key player in the midfield and named team captain 83. It beats the 1999 record of 103 caps he wears in 2000 83. He retired after a successful European Championships in 2000. Fifty-five time captain Deschamps lifted the trophy for the World Cup and the Euro83.
Blanc began his international career in the early 1990s 84. He plays the game against Bulgaria in 1993. Recalled by Aime Jacquet , he is the central pillar of the defense 84. Milf, he is author of the decisive goal in the second round of World Cup 1998 against Paraguay 84,85. He was expelled in semifinals. He left the France team after another success at the Euro 2000 as Didier Deschamps.
Zinedine Zidane made his debut with the team of France in 1994. He entered the 63 th minute of the Blues makes Arrage a draw against the Czech Republic 2-2 in scoring twice 86,87. He moved as in a following year. Aimé Jacquet therefore trust him 86. France is hoisted to the semi-finals of Euro 1996. A playmaker of the team of France in the final victory in the 1998 World Cup, he scored two goals in the match head on corner kick 48. He also won the European championship in 2000. At the 2006 World Cup, Zidane once again mark the event. Decisive several times in the competition, he opened a brand Panenka in the final and was sent off for a butt on Marco Materazzi . He takes after his international retirement this final.
The greatest number of matches for France has been held since 23 June 2006by Lilian Thuram . He has 142 caps for the Blues. But central defender training, Thuram is changing on the right side of the defense team of France 88. It starts with the Blues along with Zidane and is all international competitions. Thuram is the French hero of the semi-finals of the 1998 World Cup by scoring two goals 89,90. Powerful and solid defender, he is involved in the collective until 200888.
Aligned in the final of the World Cup with Franck Leboeuf , who replaced White, Marcel Desailly is a player under the victorious team. Goalkeeper's most capped the team's history of France Fabien Barthez made his debut with the Blues in 1994, one year after his win in the Champions League with Olympique de Marseille 91. Substitutions of Bernard Lama then holding indisputable, he earns his place in goal for the team just before the 1998 World Cup 91. Decisive in the quarter-finals of the competition against Italy, it remains a symbol of success with a kiss on the skull of Laurent Blanc and its release on Ronaldo91.
Christophe Dugarry , author of the first goal of the French World Cup, or Emmanuel Petit author of last competition and 1,000 th of the Blues, are part of the adventure. Bixente Lizarazu left rear of the France team, participates in all matches of the competition. Yuri Djorkaeff is a part of the team. The pair of young forwards Monaco composed Thierry Henry and David Trezeguet will start to talk about him.
The goalkeeper is Lionel Charbonnier and Bernard Lama . Defenders Vincent Candela and Alain Boghossian , Christian Karembeu circles, Robert Pires, Patrick Vieira, Bernard Diomede and Auxerrois Stephane Guivarc'h are also left the victorious group.
Current roster [change]
The following table is a list of the 30 players shortlisted for France for the 2010 World Cup.
Selector Domenech
No. Name Date of birth Selections (goals) Club
Cedric Carrasso 30 December 1981 (age 28) 0 (0) Bordeaux
Mickaël Landreau 14 May 1979 (age 30) 11 (0) Lille OSC
Hugo Lloris 26 December 1986 (age 23) 9 (0) Lyon
Steve Mandanda 28 March 1985 (age 25) 12 (0) Olympique Marseille
Eric Abidal 11 September 1979 (age 30) 45 (0) FC Barcelona
Clichy 26 July 1985 (age 24) 3 (0) Arsenal
Evra 15 May 1981 (age 28) 26 (0) Manchester United
Rod Fanni 6 December 1981 (age 28) 4 (0) Stade Rennes
William Gallas 17 August 1977 (age 32) 78 (4) Arsenal
Marc Planus 7 March 1982 (age 28) 4 (0) Bordeaux
Adil Rami 27 December 1985 (age 24) 0 (0) Lille OSC
Bakary Sagna 14 February 1983 (age 27) 16 (0) Arsenal
Sebastien Squillaci 11 August 1980 (29) 18 (0) Sevilla
Anthony Reveillere 10 November 1979 (age 30) 5 (0) Lyon
Abou Diaby 11 May 1986 (age 24) 2 (0) Arsenal
Alou Diarra 15 July 1981 (age 28) 24 (0) Bordeaux
Lassana Diarra 10 March 1985 (age 25) 27 (0) Real Madrid
Yann M'Vila 29 June 1990 (19) 0 (0) Stade Rennes
Yoann Gourcuff 11 July 1986 (age 23) 17 (1) Bordeaux
Florent Malouda 13 June 1980 (age 29) 51 (3) Chelsea
Franck Ribery 7 April 1983 (age 27) 42 (7) Bayern Munich
Jérémy Toulalan 10 September 1983 (age 26) 31 (0) Lyon
Mathieu Valbuena 28 September 1984 (age 25) 0 (0) Olympique Marseille
Nicolas Anelka 14 March 1979 (age 31) 64 (14) Chelsea
Hatem Ben Arfa 7 March 1987 (age 23) 7 (1) Olympique Marseille
Jimmy Briand 2 August 1985 (age 24) 3 (0) Stade Rennes
Djibril Cisse 12 June 1981 (age 28) 38 (9) Panathinaikos
Andre-Pierre Gignac 5 December 1985 (age 24) 10 (4) Toulouse FC
Govou 27 July 1979 (age 30) 43 (10) Lyon
Henry 17 August 1977 (age 32) 118 (51) FC Barcelona

Current Staff [change]
Current Staff92
Name Role
Domenech Selector
Pierre Mankowski Assistant
Alain Boghossian Assistant
Bruno Martini Assistant co-trainer of guards
Fabrice Grange Co-trainer of guards
Alain Simon Doctor
Robert Duverne Fitness trainer
Breeders [edit]

Aime Jacquet , the world champion as a coach.
As 1904to 1908the selection committee of the USFSA shall convene the players. Robert Guerin is the first manager of the team of France and the rest 1904to 1906. He was replaced by a duo of Andre Espira and Andre Billy who are around for two years also. As 1908to 1914the selection committee IFC convene the players. By 1908, Henry Chailloux becomes manager. As 1919with the formation of FFFA , the principle of the selection committee is renewed. The latter consists of Achilles Duchenne , Gabriel Garden , Plagnes Eugene and Maurice Wuillaume from 13 November 1919with Gaston Barreau as technical manager in the game. Jean Rigal joined the selection committee 1926. In 1930, Gaston Barreau , Jean Rigal , Delanche Maurice and Jacques Caudron form the selection committee. Gaston Bar has always supported the management of the team in a match. He is assisted by a coach, mostly English, but had to settle for a supporting role. These include here George Kimpton posted in May 1934 during the World Cup in Italy. Gaston Bar remains the manager of the team of France 1919in 1955. It is even present in the staff of the Blues until his death in 1958. Society is appointed as the sole coach 24 in February 1936, is the end of the period of the selection committee. He remains in office until November 1945. It is then supplemented by Gabriel Hanot while Helenio Herrera is physical trainer. The 22 August 1949, a trio Gaston Barreau , Paul Nicolas and Jean Rigal, the Blues took the lead until 4 June 1950. In September 1950, Gaston Bar becomes unique and coach Paul Baron was named tactician of the team. Pierre Pibarot becomes tactician of the team in 1951 and stayed until 11 November 1954. Albert Batteux took control of the team of France 17 March 1955and remained there until May 5 1962, participating in the 1958 World Cup. Players are then still selected by a selection committee in which between Georges Verriest and Jean Gautheroux the early 1960s to replace Paul Nicolas and Gaston Barreau 93. Georges Verriest Assistant who is leading the team of France since October 1960, Henri Guerin becomes single sélecionneur Blues. He qualified with the team for the 1966 World Cup. Lucien and Robert Jasseron Domengue appointed assistant Guerin creating differences in the framework of the team 94. He is replaced by the Nantes Jose Arribas , and Saint Etienne Jean Snella appointed on 28 September 1966. There's just one month, the situation is delicate, Arribas decides to withdraw his, he is followed by Snella 94. It must again find a breeder. Doumeng John then suggested the former striker of the team of France Just Fontaine 95. Officially breeder from the 22 March 1967, Fountain revolutionizing the organization of selection chooses its players itself according to its tactics 96. The federation chose to thank her in June 1967 and Louis Dugauguez was named coach of the team of France 17 in September 196796. Despite an initial victory on retentisante Poland for his first match, he quickly criticized by advocates of Fontaine 97. After the failure in the playoffs of 1970 World Cup in Mexico, he decided to leave vacant the position of coach on 2 March 196998.
When it comes into position to replace Dugauguez the spring of 1969, Georges Boulogne can not see his team qualify for the World Cup and decided to pursue a policy of youth 99. Among the young, Serge Chiesa becomes the star striker of the team. The injury deprived France of a significant asset 100. The Blues fell against the USSR and Georges Boulogne démisionne on May 26 1973.
Head coach of the France team
Period Name
22 March 1967- 3 June 1967 Just Fontaine
17 September 1967- 2 March 1969 Louis Dugauguez
March 1969 - 26 May 1973 Georges Boulogne
8 August 1973- 15 November 1975 Stefan Kovacs
27 March 1976- 27 June 1984 Michel Hidalgo
13 October 1984- 22 October 1988 Henri Michel
1st November 1988- 2 July 1992 Platini
26 August 1992- 17 November 1993 Gerard Houllier
17 December 1993- 12 July 1998 Aime Jacquet
27 July 1998- 5 September 2002 Lemerre
19 July 2002- 30 June 2004 Jacques Santini
Since 12 July 2004 Domenech
Socio-economic [change]

Immigration [changes]
In 1950, Polish immigrants as Raymond Kopa play for France.
The first black player selected in the France team football ( Raoul Diagne ) celebrates his first cap soon 1931. He played 18 times with the Blues before the Second World War . The first player of North African origin is selected from the Blues Abdelkader Ben Bouali on May 23 1937101. It immediately precedes the Larbi Ben Barek who holds the longevity record for France Football: 15 years and 10 months 1938to1954.
In 1950, Louis Xerxes is the first West Indian to be selected in the France team, he is followed closely by Lucien Cossou first black player born in France in Marseille . By 1971, Marius Trésor made his debut for France, he formed with Jean-Pierre Adams , the famous "Black Watch". On October 9 1976, Marius Treasury becomes the first black captain of the France team.
The generation Black, White, Beur "led by Marcel Desailly , Christian Karembeu, , Lilian Thuram and Zinedine Zidane marks the apotheosis of French football with victory in the World Cup in 1998 and the victory in the European Cup in 2000.
Media Relations [edit]

Some newspapers after the victory in the World Cup.
In his first game in 1904the press following the performance of the France team. For the second game in its history 1905, coach Robert Guerin convene the players by publishing an advertisement in the newspaper L'Auto102.
The first televised match of the team of France is Germany-France in Hanover on 16 October 1954by the ORTF103.
In June 1987, TF1 sign an exclusive contract for the broadcasting rights for the France team up with the FFF 1992104. This contract has been renewed regularly.
For the 2006 World Cup , the broadcaster of the matches of the France team is TF1 . For the semi-finals of the competition against Portugal , Médiamétrie a record audience of 22.2 million viewers or record television since its inception in Médiamétrie 1989105. The final meet an average 22.1 million viewers with a peak at 25 million 105. The other six meetings of the World Blues broadcast on TF1 follow in the ranking of best audiences of 2006all channels and programs together105.
Income [change]
Revenues from the France team come mainly in TV rights. At the end of 2009, TF1 renewing his contract with the Blues to broadcast the matches of the team between 2010 and 2014 106. The chain pays 45 million euros annually in order to broadcast the games of the Blues on French territory, against 55 million between 2006 and 2010106.
Sponsors of the France team jerseys displayed on remuneration cons. Revenue home games are another source of income. The French football federation (FFF) has a contract with the Consortium Stade de France, the main shareholder of the stadium, and must pay him a share of revenues107.
Finally, premiums earned in international competition and especially during the World Cup and European Championships. The current supplier of the France team, Adidas , pays 10 million euros annually to market the jerseys of the Blues. The next set of the team, Nike , has pledged to pay 42 million euros per year is four times more 108. Adidas , TF1 , Carrefour , Crédit Agricole and Suez are the main sponsors of the France team and each pay 2.5 million per year. Coca-Cola , Nutella , TRL , SFR and Toyota are secondary sponsors, their name is associated with the France team 108. They must acquit of 800,000 euros each year 108. Ten other companies are sponsoring the Blues for 250 000108.
The FFF provides a bonus to players and staff of the France team for each game played.
Support and image [change]

Symbols [change]

Emblem on the jersey of the France team

Jules, the mascot for France.
In 1994the FFF imagine a mascot for the team to France for the 1994 World Cup : Jules a rooster wearing a beret wearing the white and blue jersey of the France team. Its tail is composed of a blue feather, followed by a white plume, which is itself followed by a red feather. Not qualified for the 1994 World Cup mascot, was put to sleep before being released ahead at the World Cup Soccer 1998 . This mascot is often confused with Footix , the mascot of the 1998 World Cup.
After his victory at the 1998 World Cup, France affixed above the rooster a gold star symbolizing the title of world champion. This star is given for the first time 5 in September 1998at the Iceland-France match in the qualifiers for Euro 2000.
Swimwear and equipment [change]
Main article: Jersey France Football Team.

Blue jerseys of the team of France.
The France team has two sets of jerseys: one blue for home games a rating and a classically white for away games. Whatever the color of jersey, shorts or blue or white, and socks may be either blue, white or red. Holding the most used is a blue shirt with white shorts and red socks.
The colors of the team are holding references to it that the flag of France . This is also indicated by the color of their jersey that the players of the Team of France are nicknamed "Les Bleus" or "the Tricolour.
Since then 1972and until the end 2010, the team of France is in the OEM contract with German Adidas which provides her outfits and equipment. Following a tender held start- 2008is the OEM American Nike who became his next partner for the period from 1 st January 2011to 2018. The new supplier will pay 320 million euros over the period, an average of 42.66 million euros per season (a total four and a half times higher than the old contract) 109, which makes the National Team better paid by its supplier and the biggest sponsorship deal ever made in the football110.
First game jersey Team France since 1904111









2008 - 2009

Second game jersey of the team of France since 1904





Supporters [edit]

Tribune French fans at Euro 2008.

Jersey Giant of the Blues on the platform of the Stade de France.
French fans chant for the first time La Marseillaise on March 17 1935during the match France- Germany in response to the Germans singing Deutschland uber alles112.
On December 16 1997, the official supporters club is created at the initiative of the French football federation 113for supporting Blues at the 1998 World Cup.
After the victory in the 1998 World Cup , we speak of a "World Cup effect" 114. This effect is not economically, French morale increases after the victory even if this increase is not sustainable 115. Moreover, we observe that women are more interested in football at the major events of the France team as the World Cup116.
French fans singing the Marseillaise , the anthem of France , before every game and sometimes during the game. On October 6 2001, the France team plays at the stage of France against Algeria . Yet at home, the anthem of the France team was booed and the match must be stopped after the invasion of grass with dozens of Algerian fans117.
Supporters of the France team sometimes whistling their team, to encourage the opposing team with "Ole" as in friendly matches against the Argentine 118and Spanish 119respectively, 2008and 2010. At home, fans of the team of France sometimes reveal a large bruise on the podium jersey.
Rivalries [change]
At the European level [change]
The main rivals are the first nearest neighbors of France, Germany , the UK , the United Kingdom , the Switzerland and Italy.
The first victory against England on May 5 1921is treated as a historic event as it coincides with the centenary of the death of Napoleon Bonaparte120.
In the 1980s, France maintains a strong rivalry with the Federal Republic of Germany , following their duel in the semifinals of the 1982 World Cup . Opposition style of play, the game is notable for the attack Harald Schumacher on Patrick Battiston , evacuated ground unconscious ten minutes after it kicked in. While the French three-goal lead to overtime, were received by two goals and succumbing on penalties. Four years later , both teams are at the same stage. While the French were the favorites of the competition they were eliminated by the Germans, without question (2-0).
Belgium is the team with which France has played the most games in international football history with 70 games.
Italy dominates France until the 1980s, while France has lost only once in the Italian players 1920. As 1998in the quarter-finals of the World Cup, the two teams clash and Blues win the game A free after a penalty shootout. Two years later, both teams find themselves in the final of the Euro. France, dominated in the regular time, equates to a few minutes from the end of the meeting. The Blues needed then sudden death in a volley from David Trezeguet . Players take their revenge by Alpine final World Cup 2006. France opens a brand Panenka to Zinedine Zidane before the Azzurri equalized. Italy won the match on penalties and win its fourth World Cup.
Worldwide [change]
France and Brazil competed in the memorable duels. As 1958for their first formal confrontation, Brazil eliminated France in the semi-final World Cup score of 5-2, thanks to a tripling of the young Pele . This is the last official match won by the Seleção against the Blues . In 1986, the French eliminate the Brazilians in the quarterfinals of the World Cup , on penalties, after a memorable game . In 1998the two teams meet in the final in Paris , the French achieved largely (3-0), thanks to a brace from Zidane . Finally, 2006the Blues of the same Zidane, eliminate world champions Brazil in the quarterfinals (1-0), and completed the race in time as a finalist for the first time in their history.
The team of France in popular culture [change]
In 1978 when the France team found the World Cup , the French Football Federation asked Jacques Monty to compose the "Official Song of the France team," she called "Allez les Bleus" and sells more than 180,000 copies. Subsequently, each participating in the World Cup, songs support the blues are recorded. In 1982, Dalida sings "Go France" and Denise Fabre "Olle France", song that receives approval of the FFF. In 1986, a group of artists singing "Viva Les Bleus", song sold 100,000 copies.
In 1998, the official anthem is sung by Carlos and is titled "Go France Go the Blues", it is completely overshadowed by the resumption of "I Will Survive" by Hermes House Band , theme song of the team France, which became the song of summer 1998.
For the 2002 World Cup, the Federation appealed to Johnny Halliday , the single "Together", written by Catherine Lara , sold 530,000 copies. On the occasion of the Euro 2008 , Grand Corps Malade releases a single support team in France "We live together, they vibrate together.
Apart from these songs support, Bartone 2005 refers to the team of France with the single "France-Germany 82".
During the 1998 World Cup, a documentary entitled The Eyes in the Blue was shot in the locker room of the France team. Two other documentaries out after the success of the first component, the Blue Eyes 2 in 2001 on the France national team during Euro 2000 and Blue Eyes in three one year later on the team in France for the Cup 2002 World.
In 1999, Sony makes the game This is football , which was released in France under the name of The World of Blues as the official game of the France team. This game takes its title from the nickname of the team and is followed by The World of Blues 2 , The World of Blues 2002 , Blues 2003 The World of , The World of Blues in 2004 and The World of Blues 2005.
Alternate during the 2006 World Cup, Vikash Dhorasoo made a film which recounts his experiences in the group as a replacement. The film is named The Substitute.
Other sections [change]

Team A ' [change]
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The team of France A '(originally called "Team B France" ) corresponds to the reserve team of the France team. As such, it brings together a selection of French players near the international level, and can not play an official international competition. This is not a permanent selection, and responds to a specific request from national coach of France.
The team plays its first game 1922against the Luxembourg . Until 1967she faces regular national teams A and B. Shortly thereafter used, the team is given up, under the name "team of France A ' by coach Michel Platini in 1988. The dispute twenty-three meetings in thirteen years, before being put to sleep.
In 2007 and 2008, Raymond Domenech reconvene the team of France A 'on three occasions.
Team hopes [to change]
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The team hopes is created in France 1952, to collect the best French players under 21 years.
The Blueberry win the European Championship in 1988. Since 1992, they represent France at the Olympics , which they reached the quarter-final1996.
The team is currently coached by Erick Mombaerts.
Women's Team [edit]
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France Women's team is created in the 1920s. His best performance was a quarterfinal in the European Championships 2009. Known as Blue, the players attended the last World Cup but have been eliminated in the first round. Sandrine Soubeyrand holds the record with 144 games selections and Marinette Pichon 's top scorer with 81 goals.
Bruno Bini is the current coach of the team.
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