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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wild Lucarelli

Wild Lucarelli ( Civitavecchia , July 30 1974) is a television presenter , presenter radio , actress and blogger Italian.
After making his debut at the turn of the nineties and two thousand as a stage actress alongside comedians such as Antonio Giuliani and Max Giusti ,has become known to the general public in 2002due to its blog , which has enabled it to participate in numerous television programs, even role as a presenter. During his career he has also conducted several radio programs and published a book for the Mondadori.


Theatrical activity
He debuted as an author, actress and TV comedy, often with the comedian Max Giusti (long-mate).
The debut took place in 1998with Pigs and liars of Antonio Giuliani , later that year by a representation of the famous play by Luigi Pirandello Think Jack . Since 1999he began working with Max Giusti in a number of different shows: Like a fish out of water , 30 years and the great smashed ,all the 2000. This parody of reality show Big Brother arrived at that period in Italy , scored a particular success and replicas. The following year she starred in The Odd Couple , of Neil Simon , starring Anna Mazzamauro , while in the 2002back acting on the side of the Righteous with the village idiot global.

The television and radio career
Since 2002it became known on the Internet through its ironic blog that brought outside of the web, [7]with the collaboration of some newspapers print ( Time , Max ) and occasional other. The increasing visibility has led to new work commitments primarily on television. His reputation has grown thanks to television called " hosted "(paid by occasional guest appearances in television broadcasting or fixed) and the role of" commentator "in the reality show Celebrity Survivor ( 2003) and The Mole (2005), the first for the RAI and the second for Mediaset.
In 2004both debuted as a radio presenter with the programs behind the scenes ,[9]followed in 2005by Look who's talking badly , both on Radio 2 as well as a TV host, alongside Michele Mirabella in TV good start summer , aired every morning on Raitre .In that same year was also published comic book Keep , to Mondadori , a selection of his satirical pieces published on the Internet and in newspaper columns, and she married Laertes Pappalardo, son of the famous singer Adriano , whom she had the following year His eldest son Leon. The couple separated in2007.
In 2006, commented after the studio editions of reality shows , has participated as a competitor to one of these, The Farm on Channel 5 ,which was eliminated during the twelfth episode, two weeks after the final.
In March 2007he took part in the TV program The perfect man led by Ellen Hidding , jury service along with Dario Cassini and Claudia Montanarini for satellite network Sky Vivo and has added Gianluca Ansanelli Teatro de 'Servi in the show if we were the first two where Esther plays the role of the beautiful. In May he began a collaboration with Diva and women , weekly directed by Silvana Giacobini , where he is to interview people more or less famous. He later led to increasingly SKY Vivo , the dating game you choose - gay, straight or taken? and 2008has participated in Pirates , TV-Summer Rai Due.
Currently working with the portal Tiscali which deals with television and newspaper Italy today under its heading for the pirate that comes out every Thursday. Has a regular column in the monthly "Maxim" and the weekly "Top". Is a frequent guest on TV in the container Sunday Mediaset five Sunday and was one of the judges of Trial X Factor . October 2009led to Sky One Special Sex and the City , a program that explored the most trendy in Milan . Recently, working on Channel 5 , as a columnist at Five afternoon and Sunday Five , both presented by Barbara D'Urso.


Pigs and liars and starring Antonio Giuliani (1998)
Jack Think of L. Pirandello ( 1998)
30 years of e Max Giusti ( 1999)
Like a fish out of water and of Wild Lucarelli and Max Giusti (2000)
The big mangled by Lucarelli and Wild and Max Giusti ( 2000)
The Odd Couple by Neil Simon by Anna Mazzamauro Paiato and Mary ( 2001)
The idiot of the global village by and with Wild Lucarelli and Max Giusti ( 2002)
If the first were two of Gianluca Ansanelli with Wild Lucarelli and Gianluca Ansanelli ( 2007)


Celebrity Survivor ( Raidue , 2003)
Good start summer ( Raitre , 2004)
The mole ( Italy 1 , 2005)
The farm ( Channel 5 , as a competitor, 2006)
The perfect man ( SKY Vivo , 2007)
I choose you - gay, straight or taken? ( Live SKY , 2007)
Pirates '( Raidue , 2008)
Process X Factor ( Raidue , 2009)
Special Sex and the City ( Sky One , 2010)

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