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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Casamento, Wedding

Marriage , wedding or marriage / marriage is the bond established between two persons through the recognition governmental , religious or social and which implies an interpersonal relationship of intimacy , whose representation is the archetypal sex , although it can be seen by many as a contract.
In most societies, marriage is only recognized between a man and a woman . In some countries (in May 2009, the Netherlands , to South Africa , to Canada , to Norway to Belgium , to Spain , to Sweden , Portugal ), federal states (the Massachusetts , the Connecticut , the Iowa , the Vermont and Maine ) confessions and religious ( Protestant ), is also fully recognized marriage between two persons of the same sex.
Although the marriage is typically between two people, many companies admit that the same man (or, more rarely, the same woman) is married to several women (or men, respectively). Although very rare, there are some situations in companies in which more than two people marry each other in a cohesive group.
People marry for many reasons, but usually do it to give visibility to their loving relationship, to seek social and economic stability, to form family , procreate and educate their children, legitimizing sexual relations or to obtain rights as nationals.
A wedding is often initiated by the celebration of a wedding , which can be officiated by a minister ( priest , rabbi , pastor etc.) by an officer of the civil registry (usually judge marriages ) or by an individual who enjoys the confidence of two persons wishing to join.

Wedding March from Wagner
The word marriage is derived from " home ", while marriage is rooted in radical mater (" mother ") following the same pattern of lexical" heritage . " It may also be of medieval Latin casamentu: solemn act of union between two persons of different sex, capable and empowered, with religious legitimacy and / or civil prosecution.
[edit ]Types

The company creates various expressions to classify different types of relationships existing marriage. The most common are:

Gay marriage in Quebec , Canada.
open marriage (or liberal) - in which spouses are allowed to have other sexual partners by mutual consent
white wedding or bachelor - no sex
arranged marriage - concluded before the affection of the parties and usually matched by others (parents, brothers, chief of the clan etc.).
civil wedding - celebrated under the principles of legislation in a given state (national or subnational)
intermarriage - between people of different origin (racial, religious, ethnic, etc.).
morganatic marriage - between two persons of different social strata where the spouse is not considered inferior position receives the rights normally conferred by law (eg, between a member of a royal house and a woman of the gentry)
nuncupative marriage - made orally and without the usual ceremonies
putative marriage - contracted in good faith but be annulled for legal reasons
religious marriage - before an authority religious
polygamous marriage - which took place between a man and several women (the term is also used colloquially for any position of union between multiple people)
polyandrous marriage - which took place between a woman and several men, occurs in parts of the Himalayas.
gay marriage or gay marriage - held between two persons of the same sex.
marriage of convenience - which is done primarily for economic or social
[edit ]Annulment of marriage

In Brazil, the reasons why one spouse to come with the application for annulment of civil marriage are:
Spouse does not fulfill the duties of cohabitation - is one of the duties of the spouses which includes the obligation to have sex. Stop having sex would contravene the obligations of a marriage or to perform an act of serious injury regardless of whether for reasons connected with the couple's relationship, irreparable physical or mental defect;
Lack of authority and who celebrated the marriage;
Mistaken identity of the other spouse - omission regarding homosexuality or prostitution, minus commission of a crime before, incurable physical defects, mental illness or transferred by inheritance or contagion.
There is a maximum of 180 days to four years for the annulment of marriage according to the reason that triggered the decision.

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