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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Vatertag, Father's Day

The importance of Father's Day , and the exact date of the German-speaking regional differences. As an official holiday it has its roots in the USA . There the Father's Day as a day of honor for fathers like the Mother's Day celebration. Is due to the holiday Louisa Dodd, whose father was in the Civil War was fought from 1861 to 1865. In 1910 she called a movement to honor fathers in life. President Calvin Coolidge in 1924 was a recommendation for the introduction of a special holiday to the states of the United States issued a. President Richard Nixon in 1974 elevated him to the rank of an official public holiday for each third Sunday in June.


The Father's Day is popular in Germany at the Christian holiday Ascension celebrated, the 40th day after Easter . He is also known as Men's Day or, especially in front of East Germany than Lord's means. Since 1936, the Ascension is a public holiday in Germany (in East Germany was the day only to 1966 and in 1990 a public holiday).
The current form of the Vatertagfeierns is the end of the 19th century in Berlin and the surrounding area come up and is popular with men is still very popular. Key element here was the inauguration of the younger ones in the good and bad manners of masculinity.

Carriage ride on Father's Day 2008 in Nuthe-Nieplitz in Beelitz , Brandenburg
The Father's Day is all in from the north and east by the so-called Mr. match marked. The participants (traditionally exclusively male - young and old) make this mostly a hike or a common exit, where much alcohol is often consumed (Father's Day tour). This one has more points than traditional common goal or one tour of restaurant to restaurant. When walking, are often handcart handcart or wheelbarrow carried, the better to be able to transport beverages. For the trips are usually bikes (some with trailers), Kremser car carriages) or older tractors with trailers used (. The vehicles or cars are here in part, to this day use only and specifically for rebuilt, for example, special bicycle tandems or bikes with more than a dozen seats. Often with the companion lilac and birch branches decorated.
Due to increased alcohol consumption, and the often carried out mass events (this may include social trips, such as barbecue trips, trip to the fishing pond) there is, if one looks at the statistics, on Father's Day a lot more fights than usual to other days. According to the Federal Statistical Office , the number of alcohol-related traffic accidents in Christ's three times the average of the other days of the Assumption with an annual peak.
Today is Father's Day is often celebrated as a family, shared by about day trips to make, but also over the long weekend (with Friday as a bank holiday , many of the schools is released in a short vacation to take).

In Austria we mean by the Father's Day the second Sunday in June, the analogy to the Mother to buy flowers and small gifts to offer one occasion. The Father's Day was celebrated in Austria for the first time in 1955 and is still perceived more. 2009 reached the Father's Day in Austria with € 108 million already two thirds of the Mother's turnover (2009: 156 million €)[2].

In Switzerland, the Father's Day was not celebrated universally. Only in migrant families, and in border regions, he was committed singly.
2007 this action was fixed, and Switzerland also introduced: the so-called Swiss Father's Day is on the first Sunday, June celebrated nationwide. According to the initiators of the Men's Movement ( maenner.ch ) to the Swiss for Father's Day father's commitment to express appreciation. In contrast to Father's Day in other countries, Father's Day is the first in line at a children's fathers Action Day and also focuses on a political dimension: the framework for a committed fatherhood in work, family and society should be improved. In the first implementation on 17 June 2007 events were held regional and the media was in the political demands reported. [4]In the second development on 15th June 2008 focused on the challenges around the reconciliation of family and career center.
In Ticino , the Father's Day, as in Italy, on 19 March celebrated (St. Joseph / San Giuseppe).

In Liechtenstein, Italy is the Father's Day as celebrated on March 19. This day is also the official St. Joseph (St. Joseph). The day is a local holiday. Even in the Catholic south, Liechtenstein, the day as usual in the non-"Lord batch 'as committed.

Pappendag - In Luxembourg, the Father's Day is celebrated on the first Sunday in October. The children give their father flowers or small gifts or crafts. In the primary school are partly prepared at home Father's Day songs and then put forward.
Rest of Europe

On 26 December is celebrated Father's Day in Bulgaria.
On the second Sunday in June (except in Antwerp ) in Belgium celebrated Father's Day.
In Denmark, Father's Day is on 5 June, who is also the day of the Danish constitution is celebrated.
In Finland, the Father's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in November.
In Italy , the Father's Day, festa del papà , March 19, celebrated on. As a Catholic country is at St. Joseph the father figure revered tradition that Joseph of Jesus was. The Father's Day is here, unlike for example in Germany , not a day for Mr. lots or "day for men," but a deeply rooted family holiday, as a counterpart to the Mother and committed is celebrated. The children make or buy small gifts for the father to learn or perform poems in kindergarten and school in small pieces.
In the Netherlands, the Father's Day (vaderdag) 70er/80er years on the third Sunday in June has been celebrated for. Typically, the fathers of that day, breakfast in bed brought in and there are "men's gifts" presented typical (ie ties, socks, cigars, razors, electronics or own homegrown). Some divorced fathers to take the opportunity to sign up for the movement of Fathers 4 Justice set.
In Poland, which is Dzien Ojca celebrated on June 23.
Father's Day In Portugal, the Dia do Pai on March 19 celebrated.
In Romania, the Father's Day since 2008 on May 5 is celebrated officially. The decision was reached in 2007, connected to the initiative of the brewery Interbrew Romania SA with the brand mountain beer.
The Swedish fars dag is celebrated on the second Sunday in November. USA 1931 came the tradition of the first to Sweden and was also celebrated in June. But later, Father's Day was at the request of nordiska handelssamfundet Nordic trading community) on the November-Sunday transferred (to his Mother comparable status to give the one. Also has been increased commercialization of the holiday reached one.
Day Father's Day is all over Scandinavia and Estonia held on the same date, apart from Denmark, where he held on June 5.
Originally, the Father's Day in Slovakia on St. Joseph, celebrated on March 19 also. In the meantime, however, U.S. version was adapted. Now Sunday is Father's Day celebrated on June 3.

On March 19 the Spaniards celebrate their Vatertag El Día del Padre . This day was chosen, therefore, because it is the Joseftag , the day of Saint José (Jesus' father) is. In Spain, it is customary to receive gifts from children, which she painted at school or have tinkered often.
Father's Day in Hungary on the 3rd Sunday of June at the. However, he plays in society, in contrast to mothers , who on Sunday in May is celebrated there first, hardly a role.

South Africa
In South Africa, is the Father's Day on the third Sunday in June.

In Brazil the annual Father's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in August.

United States
In the U.S. Sunday is Father's Day celebrated on June 3. In 1909, Mrs. Sonora Smart Dodd first brought the idea of a "Father's Day" on to William Smart, a Civil War veteran, to honor their father. His wife was at the birth of sixth child died, and Mr. Smart took the baby and the other five children alone on a farm in the east of the State of Washington on. Mrs. Dodd wanted to honor the strength and selflessness that his children had met with her father. The first Father's Day was June 19, 1910 in Spokane, Washington, watched on. At the same time appeared different U.S. cities on Father's Day celebrations in. 1924 supported President Calvin Coolidge , the idea of a national Father's Day. And in 1966, signed by President Lyndon Johnson a proclamation , the third Sunday in June Father's Day declared.
President Nixon in 1974 rising to the rank of the Father's Day an official holiday for the third Sunday in June.
The Father's Day in the U.S. is primarily the day on which the children meet their fathers with gifts, poems and flowers. Joint excursions are on the program and many, particularly male Americans are the forgotten Father's Day trips and activities, with their fathers. In addition, there is also a day for men, similar to the as in Germany the idea of a man's cult is celebrated.
The U.S. President George W. Bush announced on June 13, 2003 a "President's Father's Day Proclamation out.

China (Republic)
In the Republic of China on Taiwan on 8 August, the Father's Day celebration. This is because the "eight" in Chinese ba ( Chinese: 八 , psr is pronounced) and the eighth day of the eighth month in so short baba is, what both the Chinese pronunciation for "father" ( Chinese: 爸爸 , baba ) is similar .
China (People's Republic)
In the People's Republic of China is the Father's Day celebrated on the third Sunday in June.
In Japan, the Father's Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in June.
South Korea
The Republic of Korea there is no "Father's Day," but a "Children's Day ' on May 5, the holiday is to serve as legal, that fathers have time for her family. On top is May 8, but not legally, as "Elterntag".
In Thailand , the Father's Day Wan phosphorus mentioned and is a national holiday. It is the birthday of King Bhumibol Adulyadej on 5 December, committed. On this day the country will be "outstanding fathers of the (changing number) awarded in. In 2004 there were 327 fathers. December 5 should fall on a Sunday, so Monday is the Father's Day on the following from the King's birthday celebrated independent.
In Turkey, the Father's Day ( "babalar Günü" ) celebrated on the third Sunday in June. It is "Day of the men," but the equivalent to celebrate Mother's no.

In Australia, Father's Day is celebrated on the first Sunday in September.
New Zealand
In New Zealand, the Australian Father's Day as celebrated on the first Sunday in September

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