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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Groom for dying celebrity pooch

Midtown Manhattan hotel, a very special bride-to-be named Lucky, decked out in a frilly pink dress, recently celebrated her impending nuptials with friends over champagne, sandwiches, cupcakes and tea.
Like many brides, Lucky is in a rush to walk down the aisle, but she is no ordinary spouse-in-waiting and her shower was anything but typical. Lucky, like many of her 32 guests, is a dog — the most-photographed dog in the world with celebrities.
But there's more, a lot more.
She and her "parent," Wendy Diamond, have dedicated their lives to help the plight of rescue animals, yet that will soon end. The energetic but aging Maltese was diagnosed with spleen cancer in February and given three months to a year to live.
"Lucky's entire life has been about bringing awareness to rescue," said Diamond, who has made Lucky an ambassador for shelter dogs. "We're looking for someone to take over."
Diamond has plans for an elaborate July 12 wedding at the Jumeirah Essex House hotel in Manhattan. The author and animal rescue advocate is looking to pair Lucky with a spouse that will become the new, most-photographed celebrity canine with an aim to help spring animals from shelters across America.

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