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Sunday, June 3, 2012

First review of reality TV series Being Lara Bingle

Watching the first episode of the 10-part series with a very cynical eye at Channel 10 HQ in Pyrmont yesterday, Confidential was surprised at how engagingly silly the oh-so-polarising 24-year-old managed to be.

Perhaps it's just the gossip columnist factor, such as this quote about former flame Danny "the love god" Cipriani: "He dropped me on my arse so fast my arse cheeks are still hurting.

Then there's the fact she doesn't look bathed in foundation during every close up, is described as a risk-taking thrillseeker, shows her dealings with the paparazzi and speaks openly about how much she "loves" sex. There's even a serious moment - believe it or not - when her grandmother berates her "disgusting" naked photo scandal.

She rarely looks at the camera, which is a clever way of coming across as natural and plenty does feel staged, especially a "are they/aren't they" romance subplot between live-in manager Hermione Underwood and unashamedly bogan brother Josh.

She is told she can't drive her vehicle home and, despite having Underwood with her - who does have a valid licence - the pair choose to leave the tank-like vehicle on the side of the road and do the walk of shame home past the waiting paparazzi whose motordrives go into overdrive.

Next up the nude picture scandal is exposed, or at least Bingle is, when the proof sheet of the controversial naked shots that were taken of her at the doors of her balcony, is flashed on screen - twice.

The pictures were the centre of a dispute some weeks ago - was she inside the house when they were taken? Did she know they were being snapped? Was her privacy invaded? Was she shown the shots before they were put out for sale to magazines? Were they part of a publicity stunt for the show?

Bingle, who has been involved in nude picture issues twice in the past, says it is "so confronting to see pictures of yourself nude."

Her manager/best friend Underwood sagely observes: "We just have to keep the blinds closed," adding, "We are just going to have to buy you some clothes."

But by far the most memorable appearance in the show comes in the form of Bingle's furious but forthright granny who does not appear on screen, but rather via a voice message left on the model's mobile phone.

She gives her bungle prone granddaughter the most almighty serve over the nude shots.
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