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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Open Heart Surgery

Open Heart Surgery
Studio album by Virginwool
ReleasedAugust 8, 2000
ProducerBrad Wood
Open Heart Surgery was released on August 8, 2000 by rock band Virginwool. The band signed to Breaking/Atlantic Records after initially beginning signed to Universal Records. The album was produced and mixed by Brad Wood.
"I Think Her Mother Loves Me" was the first single from the album. A remixed, slightly poppier version was released. "Better for You" was the second single, and it too was released in a shorter radio edit. The tracks "You're the Girl" and "Picked Apart" were previously released on the band's self-released CDs while they were still known as Gumwrapper Curb. "Picked Apart" was originally entitled "Virgin Wool".
The album is now out of print.

Track listing

"Nevermind Her Hips"
"I Think Her Mother Loves Me"
"You're the Girl"
"Climbing Boulders"
"Better for You"
"Lonely Man"
"Goodman Vibe"
"Picked Apart"
"New Song"
"Between the Lies"

Jordan Pouzzner – vocals
Gar Willard – guitars
Adam Loewy – bass
Brett Crook – drums, percussion


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