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Monday, June 4, 2012

Delta Goodrem says it was 'genuine love' with Nick Jonas

Now for the first time, Goodrem, 27, has admitted that there was "genuine love" between her and the 18-year-old singer and told why she chose to rebound from a seven-year relationship to have a fling with a teen star.

“Maybe it’s that I’m interested in challenges," she told Karl Stefanovic in an "anything goes" interview for 60 Minutes.

"Maybe I’m one of these spirits who goes, ‘Ooh, what is this lesson here? What am I learning here?’ . . . There was a genuine love, definitely.”

In previous interviews, the singer refused to be drawn on her relationship with the youngest member of the Jonas Brothers, which ended in February this year after 10 months of dating.

In her interview for the latest issue of Vogue, all she had to say was: "I only have good things to say about Nick."

But this time, Goodrem was much more expansive.

Referring to her failed engagement to Irish pop singer Brian McFadden, the star she says she “jumped” from the relationship into the arms of Jonas because she was looking for something "completely different".

It was a respite from the tumultuous relationship with the Australia’s Got Talent judge which left her "really unhappy".

"Do I wish that it ended earlier? Yes," she told Stefanovic of her split with McFadden. "Do I wish I had the courag

Confidential hears the couple - who were together for seven years before breaking up almost 12 months ago - signed a confidentiality agreement when they split agreeing not to talk publicly about the reasons for their parting.

While management for both issued a strict "no comment" yesterday, rumours abound that the contract is now being reviewed by McFadden HQ.

"(Brian) is not too happy with what (Delta) has said after they both (agreed) to not speak about what happened between them," a source said.

"It's not as if he's going to sue her. But she shouldn't be talking about what she's talking about."

Talking to 60 Minutes on Sunday, Goodrem said of McFadden: "Do I wish that it ended earlier? Yes. Do I wish I had the courage to leave earlier? Yes, I do. I think what we came to is that we were very different people - extremely different people."

It follows comments in Vogue last week that she was "really unhappy".

"I didn't know how to get out. I learned. I got there in the end," she told the mag.

McFadden tweeted in reply: "Sometimes silence is golden. People love to try and deflect attention from their own downfalls onto others.

"Randomly want to thank (fiancee) Vogue Williams for making me the happiest man on the planet.
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