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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Royal Wedding recipes

Royal Wedding, Prince William and his bride-to-be Kate are surely feeling the jitters. But so too are the hundreds of staff behind the scenes at Buckingham Palace who have to pull off the event flawlessly, to its very last detail.
There will be VIPs from around the world, dozens of members of the Royal Family, dozens more members of foreign royal families and around 60 international heads of state. So you can be sure that the formality of the event will be dialed up to its very highest level.

"The wedding is obviously a very exciting event for all of the staff. We fortunately do a great number of extraordinary events at Buckingham Palace and this year is no different from many others," Edward Griffiths, the Deputy Master of the Royal Household, recently said.

The dining staff have been planning and rehearsing every moment for weeks now, deciding such details as what napkin fold to use, to how far from the edge of the table the water glass should sit.

Before the Palace hosts the wedding reception luncheon, they will also host 600 guests for a champagne reception. Those guests will be mingling through 19 opulent, gold-gilded state rooms that the Queen has opened for the occasion, including the picture gallery. The gallery, which houses one the finest private art collection in the world, with Van Dykes, Rembrandts and Canalettos among the collection, will also be where the wedding cake is expected to be displayed.

As they mingle, guests will be treated to 10,000 hot and cold canapés selected from the palace's recipe files.

"There's a repertoire of probably 150 different canapés and these recipes are rotated over a period of time," Griffiths explained.

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