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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Deng Yujiao incident

Deng Yujiao incident, Dèng Yùjiāo Shìjiàn) occurred on 10 May 2009 at a hotel located in Badong County, Hubei province, in the People's Republic of China. Deng Yujiao, a 21-year-old female pedicure worker, tried to rebuff the advances of Deng Guida (邓贵大; no relation), director of the local township business promotions office, who had come to the hotel seeking sexual services. She allegedly stabbed her assailant several times trying to fight him off, resulting in his death. Badong County police subsequently arrested Deng Yujiao and charged her with homicide and refused to grant her bail.
This case came to national prominence through internet forums and chatrooms, where netizens were enraged by her treatment. The case resonated with the public anger over the corruption and immorality of officials, and garnered over four million forum posts across the country. Chinese authorities attempted to play down the incident by limiting its presence on Chinese web portals, and a large number of discussion threads were censored. Following groundswell of public protests and online petitions, prosecutors dropped murder charges, granted her bail, and charged her with a lesser offense of "intentional assault". She was found guilty, but did not receive a sentence due to her mental state. The two surviving officials involved in the incident were sacked, also ostensibly in response to public pressure.

The incident

Deng Yujiao, a native of Mulongya village, Badong County, was a 21-year-old female pedicure worker at the Dream Fantasy City (梦幻城) bath center at Xiongfeng Hotel (雄风宾馆), when the incident occurred.
Deng Guida was the director of the local township's business promotions office. He, his deputy, Huang Dezhi (黄德智), and one other official arrived at the hotel where Deng Yujiao worked on 10 May 2009, and allegedly requested "special services" (a euphemism commonly taken to mean sexual services in China) from Deng Yujiao. She did not submit to the requests. Deng Guida had allegedly pulled out a stack of banknotes worth ¥ 4000 and slapped her in the face with it in order to show off his wealth. He then pushed the Deng Yujiao onto a sofa and proceeded to lay on top of her. At this moment, in self-defense, Deng Yujiao used a small 3 inch knife and stabbed her assailant four times. One of the stabs landed in her assailant's neck, causing him to bleed to death at the scene. His deputy was also stabbed. Police, who apparently found pills in her purse, said Deng Yujiao may have been suffering from acute depression, and took her to a psychiatric hospital on 12 May for examination.During Deng's days in the hospital her arms and ankles were tied to the bed, which was referred to by the police as "a procedure of protection".

Two lawyers from Beijing, Xia Lin (夏霖) and Xia Nan (夏楠) took on her case pro bono, and on 25 May 2009, they lodged an official complaint against one of the attackers, Huang Dezhi at the Badong police station. Details of the complaint:
Huang Dezhi tried to remove her jeans and underwear by force (namely attempted rape) while she was doing laundry.
Deng Guida then used a wad of ¥4000 cash to hit her face while yelling: Didn't you want money? I bet you have not seen any money before. How much money you want, just say it, believe me or not, I shall smack you to death with money. Deng Yujiao retorted: Yes, I have never seen any money before, if you have the guts, today you smack me to death. Deng Guida then replied:I am going to smack you to death with money. I'm going to get a truck load of money to squash you to death.
After stabbing the two men (Deng Guida and Huang Dezhi), Deng Yujiao put down the knife and called local police and her mother.

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