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Friday, July 29, 2011

Amy Winehouse's Dad Gives Her Clothes To Fans

Fans gathered outside Amy Winehouse's London home received some surprising gifts: Amy's own clothes, jewelry and trinkets.
A fan with a T-shirt that belonged to the late Amy Winehouse.
Father Mitch Winehouse doled out belongings to mourners, saying "it's what she would have wanted," The Sun reports. "These are Amy's T-shirts," Mitch told the crowd. "This is what she would have wanted, for her fans to have her clothes."
Some of the fans who received the clothes noted how much the items meant to them: Brigitte Pividial told the paper of the red vest she received, "I will cherish this for the rest of my life." And another fan, John Gallagher, made a note of what a pair of sunglasses and a T-shirt revealed about Amy's stature. "They were very small in size and skinny, like her figure.

Mitch surprised some of those gathered outside by handing out a few of Amy's clothes and accessories, including several tank tops, sunglasses and other trinkets, according to The Sun. "There are Amy's T-shirts. This is what she would have wanted — for her fans to have her clothes," he told the stunned fans, as he walked away with a pair of Winehouse's signature ballet shoes in his back pocket. "God bless Amy Winehouse," he said before hopping in a taxi.

The family also carted off some other possessions, including Amy's guitars and her lyric books.

Some of Winehouse's pals and family got together to celebrate her life at her favorite jazz club on Thursday night. Her divorced parents were joined by Traviss and friends that included Kelly Osbourne and Eliza Doolittle at the Jazz After Dark club in London's Soho district. Also on hand was producer Mark Ronson, who paid tribute to his muse the during a concert the night before, when he performed a selection of Amy's songs.

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